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How to join FOP2DD project

Fop2DD is an open-source, collaborative project. We always welcome new developers who want to join the project, contribute code and new features.

There are two ways to submit code for potential inclusion:

  • By uploading patches
  • Using Codeplex

Contribute by using patches

  • Write a patch against the latest sources
  • Create a new bug in issue tracker and attach the patch.
  • Make sure to describe what the patch is trying to do and why (not every change is good)
  • We'll review the patch and either incorporate it into sources (if we think it's good) or describe how it needs to be improved
There's plenty of things to work on.

Contribute by using Codeplex/TFS

  • You will need to join the team. Before you can join the team you will have to have submitted several patches. Once we are familiar with your work we will consider adding you to our team.

Getting the sources and compiling

To get the latest sources, simply go to the source code tab and click download to get the latest version.

You'll need Visual Studio (preferrably 2012) to build. A free Express Edition for C# should work.


You can reach other developers in the forums.

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